TEXPAC Leadership

All decisions regarding TEXPAC’s endorsements and involvement of political campaigns are made by volunteer leaders appointed by the Texas Medical Association Board of Trustees.

  • Jimmy Widmer, MD, Temple, Internal Medicine- Chair, Board of Directors 
  • Sara Austin, MD, Austin, Neurology- Chair, Candidate Evaluation Committee
  • John Shepherd, MD, San Antonio, Anesthesiology- Chair, Membership Committee

TEXPAC Executive Committee

Position Name
TEXPAC Board Chair Jimmy Widmer, MD
CEC Chair Sara Austin, MD
Membership Chair John Shepherd, MD
Past TEXPAC Chair Bradford Patt, MD
Council on Legislation Chair John Carlo, MD
Alliance Member Christel Chase
Medical Student  Patrick Ojeaga
Resident Jane Gilmore, MD
Young Resident Michelle Tarbox, MD
At-Large Michael Battista, MD
At-Large Tilden Childs, III, MD
At-Large John Gilmore, MD
At-Large Thomas Kimbrough, MD
At-Large J. Timothy Parker, MD


Candidate Evaluation Committee

Position Name
TEXPAC Board Chair Jimmy Widmer, MD
CEC Chair  Sara Austin, MD
Membership Chair  John Shepherd, MD
Past TEXPAC Chair Bradford Patt, MD
Alliance  Jenny Shepherd
Alliance  Martha Vijjeswarapu
Medical Student  Whitney Stuard
Resident  Matthew McGlennon, DO
Young Physician  Zachary Jones, MD 
At-Large  Robert Rogers, MD 
At-Large T. David Greer, MD
At-Large Robert Jackson, MD
Lisa Swanson, MD
At-Large Robert Wolf, MD
Lisa Ehrlich, MD 
James Humphreys, MD
Faraz Khan, MD
At-Large Daniel Vijjeswarapu, MD
Roger Khetan, MD
Sandra Dickerson, MD
Yasser Zeid, MD
Susan Strate, MD
Samuel Chantillis, MD
Seth Kaplan, MD
Vivek K. Rao, MD
Alternate John Scott, MD
Alternate Jack Myers, MD
Alternate Russell Juno, MD
Alternate Jeffrey Pinnow, MD
Alternate Audrey Ahuero, MD

District         Chair

1               David Young, MD
1               Yasser F. Zeid, MD

2               Lisa Swanson, MD
2               John Scott, DO

3               James Ogburn, MD
3               J. Patrick Walker, MD

4               Stacy Norell, MD
4               Louise Bethea, MD

5               Tina Phillip, DO
5               Susan M. Pike, MD

6               Faraz Khan, MD
6               Terah Isaacson, MD

7               Robert Vanzant, MD
7               Audrey Ahuero, MD

8               Zachary Jones, MD
8               Seth Kaplan, MD

9               Jason Terk, MD
9               Linda Siy, MD

10             G. Sealy Massingill, MD
10             Maxim Pekarev, MD

11             Mina Sinacori, MD
11             Thomas Kimbrough, MD

12             Bhaskar Padakandla, MD
12             Bryan Johnson, MD

13             Byron J. Bohnn, MD
13             William Gilmer, MD

14             Robert Cowan, MD
14             John Abikhaled, MD

15             Irvin Sulapas, MD
15             Sherif Zaafran, MD

16             Samuel Chantillis, MD
16             Roger Khetan, MD

17             Clifford Moy,  MD
17             Robert Jackson, MD

18             Anna Allred, MD
18             Felicia Jordan, MD

19             James Humphreys, MD
19             Adam J. Bruggeman, MD

20             Jake Moore, MD
20             Jerry Hunsaker, MD

21             William Kern Deschner, MD
21             Joseph T. Kavanaugh, MD

22             Elaine K. Miller, DO
22             Robert Wolf, MD

23             Steve Hays, MD
23             Hania Alaidroos, MD

24             Jay Widmer, MD
24             Jack Myers, MD

25             Zeke Silva, III, MD
25             Leah Jacobson, MD

26             Jesse Moss Jr., MD
26             Pamela Ann Hall, MD

27             Chevy Lee, MD
27             Victor Gonzalez, MD

28             Ann Bass, MD
28             Sameer Islam, MD

29             David M. Palafox, MD
29             Francisco J. Agullo, MD

30             J. Timothy Parker, MD
30             T. David Greer, MD

31            Vivek K. Rao, MD
31            Jeffrey Pinnow, MD


Alliance Members

Alliance    Jenny Shepherd

Alliance    Lisa Drever

Alliance    Libby White

Alliance    Kathy Trizna 

Alliance    Martha Vijjeswarapu

Alliance    Christel Chase

Alliance    Patty Loose

Alliance    Angela Donahue

Alliance    Lisa Queralt

Alliance    Keely Hunsaker, DDS 

Alliance    Julie Cowan

Alliance   Sharon Robinson

Young Physician, Resident, and Student Members

YP/Resident      Matthew McGlennon, MD

YP/Resident      Vamsi Potluri, MD

YP/Resident      Grant Pham, MD      

Student              Donya Iranpoor           

Student              Dina Zamil        

Student              Sanjana Ravi

Student              Hannah Coco    

Student              Jerry Zaidi             

Student              Helen Nguyen     

Student              Sarah Person

Student              Tsola Efejuku

Student              Myung-Jin Cha

Student              Tanooha Veeramachaneni 

Student              Austin Reynolds

Student              David Zimmerhanzel

Student              Chelsea Gerlicki

Student              Tina Zhu 

Student              Nabeel Ahmad

Student              Shikha Prakash

Student              Shail Vyas

Student              Jenna Gage