TEXPAC Leadership

All decisions regarding TEXPAC’s endorsements of political candidates are made by volunteer leaders appointed by the Texas Medical Association Board of Trustees.

  • Robert Rogers, MD, Fort Worth, Allergy: Chair, Board of Directors 
  • Alexander B. Kenton, MD, San Antonio, Neonatology: Chair, Candidate Evaluation Committee
  • Bradford Patt, MD, Houston, Facial Plastic Surgery: Chair, Membership Committee

TEXPAC Board of Directors (includes two physicians from each of Texas 31 State Senate districts plus alliance, student, and resident members).

District         Chair

1               Asa C. Lockhart, MD, MBA
1               Yasser F. Zeid, MD

2               Lisa Swanson, MD
2               John Scott, DO

3               J. Patrick Walker, MD
3               William D. Strinden, MD

4               David D. Teuscher, MD
4               Stacy Norrell, MD

5               Jimmy Widmer, MD
5               Susan M. Pike, MD

6               Kenneth L. Mattox, MD
6               Patrick M. Carter, MD

7               Richard Bradley, MD
7               Debra M. Osterman, MD

8               Lee Ann Pearse, MD
8               Seth Kaplan, MD

9               Jason Terk, MD
9               Gregory Fuller, MD

10             G. Sealy Massingill, MD
10             Tilden Childs, III, MD

11             Mina Sinacori, MD
11             Carlos Vital, MD

12             John Gerard Flores, MD
12             Joseph Valenti, MD

13             Faraz Khan, MD
13             William S. Gilmer, MD

14             Pradeep Kumar, MD
14             Sarah Smiley, DO

15             Lindsay Botsford, MD
15             Sherif Zaafran, MD

16             TBD
16             Les Secrest, MD

17             Felicia Jordan, MD
17             Alan Glombicki, MD

18             Peter Rojas, MD
18             William Wagner, MD

19             James Humphreys, MD
19             Walter Zink, MD

20             Mary Dale Peterson, MD
20             Wesley Stafford, MD

21             Luis Benavides, MD
21             William Kern Deschner, MD

22             R. Scott Warren, MD
22             Robert Wolf, MD

23             Steve Hays, MD
23             Gates Colbert, MD

24             Edward Buckingham, MD
24             Robert Greenberg, MD

25             Bernard Swift, DO, MPH
25             John Hinchey, MD

26             Jesse Moss Jr., MD
26             Pamela Ann Hall, MD

27             Carlos Manrique De Lara, MD
27             Victor Gonzalez, MD

28             Jack Dubose, MD
28             John DeToldeo, MD

29             Luis H. Urrea II, MD
29             Syed Yusoof, MD

30             J. Timothy Parker, MD
30             T. David Greer, MD

31            Eldon Stevens Robinson, MD
31            William Holland, DO



Alliance Members

Alliance    Linda Adkins

Alliance    Karen Lairmore

Alliance    Libby White

Alliance    Kathy Trizna 

Alliance    Martha Vijjeswarapu

Alliance    Debbie Pitts

Alliance    Patty Loose

Alliance    Angela Donahue

Alliance    Lisa Queralt

Alliance    Keely Hunsaker, DDS 

Alliance    Sonal Bhuchar

Alliance    Mia Price

Young Physician, Resident, and Student Members

YP/Resident      William Burkes, MD

YP/Resident      Flora Simmons, MD

YP/Resident      Ann Bass, MD

YP/Resident      Crystal J. Yeo, MD, PhD, MRCP (UK)     

YP/Resident      David Lam, MD     

YP/Resident      Michelle Koehler, MD 

Student             Brittney Jackson            

Student             Julie Dorland             

Student            Jonathan Eisen             

Student            Elisa Vengalil             

Student            Robert McLauchlan                      

Student            Moez Mithani              

Student            Amanda Herrmann              

Student            John Lacci              

Student           Amanda Arreola   



TEXPAC Executive Committee

Position                                                    Name

TEXPAC Board Chair                               Robert Rogers MD

CEC Chair                                                Alexander Kenton, MD

Membership Chair                                    Bradford Patt, MD

TMA Council on Legislation Chair            Jason Terk, MD

Alliance Member                                       Linda Swan Adkins

Medical Student                                        Jane Gilmore

Young Physician                                       Ann Bass, MD

At-Large                                                    David Gloyna, MD

At-Large                                                    Cynthia Jumper, MD

At-Large                                                    Michael Battista, MD

At-Large                                                    John Gilmore, MD

At-Large                                                    Thomas Kimbrough, MD


Candidate Evaluation Committee

Position                                                    Name

TEXPAC Board Chair                          Robert Rogers, MD

CEC Chair                                           Alexander Kenton, MD

Membership Chair                               Bradford Patt, MD

Alliance                                                Patty Loose

Alliance                                                Martha Vijjeswarapu

Medical Student                                   Matthew McGlennon

Resident                                              Jimmy Widmer, MD

At-Large                                               Yasser Zeid, MD

At-Large                                               Lee Ann Pearse, MD

At-Large                                               Isabel Menendez, MD

At-Large                                               Faraz Khan, MD

At-Large                                               Lisa Swanson, MD

At-Large                                               Pat Carter, MD

At-Large                                               Daniel Vijjeswarapu, MD

At-Large                                               Pam Ann Hall, MD

At-Large                                               James Humphreys, MD

At-Large                                               Roxanne Tyroch, MD

At-Large                                               Luis Benavides, MD

At-Large                                               Sara Austin, MD

At-Large                                               Tilden L. Childs III, MD

At-Large                                               Robert Wolf, MD

At-Large                                               John Hinchey, MD

At-Large                                               Sandra Dickerson, MD

At-Large                                               Asa Lockhart, MD

At-Large                                               Brad Butler, MD

At-Large                                               Susan Pike, MD

Alternate                                              Eldon Stevens Robinson, MD

Alternate                                              Bruce Palmer, MD

Alternate                                              Thomas Kaspar, MD

Alternate                                              Elaine Barron, MD

Alternate                                              John Edwards, MD

Alternate                                              Anna Allred, MD

Alternate                                              Sameer Islam, MD