Our Endorsement Process

TEXPAC protects Texas physicians and their patients by making sure the right people get elected through physician-driven grassroots and a democratic endorsement process.

Step 1

Individual Physician Support

Reach out to physicians in your district and/or county and ask them to send an email to TEXPAC staff with the request to recommend endorsement to the TEXPAC Candidate Evaluation Committee (CEC). These emails and are collected and presented to the TEXPAC CEC. Email TEXPAC staff at texpac@texmed.org.

Step 2

Your District's County Medical Society (CMS)

If available, your district’s county medical societies will interview candidates based on his or her position on medicine's issues. The CMS executive director sends TEXPAC feedback from their members and if there is a recommendation for endorsement. This is then presented to TEXPAC Candidate Evaluation Committee for further discussion. 

Step 3

TEXPAC Candidate Evaluation Committee (CEC)

TEXPAC evaluates candidate will be presented the recommendation and/or comments from the CMS, review emails from local physicians and then votes on whether to send recommendations to the full TEXPAC Board for approval.



Step 4

TEXPAC Board of Directors

The TEXPAC Board votes to approve the final list of recommend candidate endorsements, as provided by the CEC.


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