If you don’t invest in your profession’s political viability, who will?

If you practice medicine in Texas, you can’t afford to not be politically engaged.

With national health system reform the hot issue in DC, the insurance industry biannually fighting patient-centered reforms, and tort reform perennially attacked by the Austin trial lawyer lobby, Texas physicians need to maintain their political vigilance.

How Will Contributing to TEXPAC Help Protect Your Practice?

  • Political surveillance. TEXPAC monitors more than 200 legislative and judicial races in which those decision makers could impact Texas physicians and their practice. Our staff, along with Texas’s  best political consultants, work tirelessly to give you the inside scoop on the current political landscape.
  • On-the-ground action. TEXPAC works to elect physician-friendly candidates at the state and federal level. By physician-friendly, we mean the best candidate for the job regardless of political party. And by work, we mean contribute, raise funds, staff phone banks, block-walk, and mail brochures and numerous letters. If it needs to be done, we’ll do it. 
  • Relationships that last. TEXPAC facilitates relationships between our physician and alliance members, and candidates and elected officials. These relationships are invaluable to TMA’s lobby efforts. If you were a legislator, who would you trust when seeking advice on a bill? Someone who worked hard during campaign season to get you elected, of course. 
  • News you can use. TEXPAC continually educates local physician and alliance members on key issues through e-mail and special TEXPAC-member-only seminars and events.

 The Power of Our Political Action

Insurance companies, limited-license health providers, and trial lawyers all know the power of political action. They have put their money where their mouth is and made headway because of it.

TEXPAC has a tradition of enormous success in staving off attacks on tort reform legislation, increasing Medicaid reimbursement payments, and extending the Children’s Health Insurance Program.  

Our grassroots commitment is strong, and we invest our endorsements and campaign contributions wisely and effectively. 

In fact, we have been called the most effective medical organization in the country due to our combined efforts on the campaign and legislative fronts. Just ask The New York Times, The Washington Post, The Wall Street Journal, Medical Economics, and Los Angeles Times.

Can you imagine the power we would have to protect your practice and your patients if every physician joined? Take us one step closer to that ideal and join TEXPAC today!

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