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TEXPAC brings Texas physicians and elected officials together on the issues that matter to you and your patients.

Liability Reform

Our 2003 medical tort reforms stopped the epidemic of lawsuit abuse. Now we need to fight to keep those reforms on the books.


Low-paying insurance with volumes of bureaucratic regulations are bad for us and our patients. Help us fix Medicaid.

Scope of Practice

We oppose any efforts to expand scope of practice beyond what is safely permitted by nonphysician practitioners’ education, training, and skills.


Saving lives should not be taxed like other services. Health care is not a traditional business activity and should not be subject to a traditional business activity tax.

Red Tape

Texas should not burden practices with additional red tape, paperwork, and regulations that provide no benefit to patients or their health care.

Health Insurance

We demand fair contracts, fair payments, fair dealings, and coverage that's meaningful for our patients.

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